an international business solutions provider



We are a company of professionals experienced in strategic, management and technical consulting for the international. Our partners have been CEOs of multinationals and have made themselves available to customers in the planning, development or corporate restructuring phase. Our professional skills and attitudes, as well as the knowledge of various languages, allow us to assist you in every country of the world and in all circumstances.

The company's French headquarters is in Sophia Antipolis, Valbonne.



Our insights are practice based, not theoretical. We have deep understanding of policy, market dynamics, capital investments, and mega trends in many sectors. We bring a realistic and fact-based approach to addressing strategic issues.

Our problem solving approach is hypothesis-driven and tailored to every situation. The depth and breadth of expertise in strategy, operations,engineering, technology and environment, combined with location-specific knowledge, allows us to staff projects with the necessary content, experience and analytical rigour.


Our group has been specialized for over twenty years in the management of the supply chain and distribution, internationally and for all production sectors. We will accompany you from the needs analysis to the definition of your logistics. We are experts in organizing, sourcing, purchasing, transportation, storage and much more. We are your partner for your development or reengineering.

Our principle is that you can focus on your main business and your corporate value, while we manage everything that allows you to do the above.


Many companies can provide specialized services to niche markets, but they never have an overall view or the knowledge to integrate their services with others.

Our engineering division has a staff of highly skilled engineers and project managers that are able to integrate the services of many partner companies. They will control all the variabilities of the project.

Our expertise will shine in situations where your organisation meets an unexpected and temporary increase of activity.



Our group has offices and consultants all around the world. 

For these reasons we are in position to assist you in incorporating your foreign company which you need to develop your business or managing your assets.


We think that communication is the key tool for the success of your projects. This is why we have created a division dedicated to this activity that will help you promote your message both inside and outside the company.



Tortorella & Partners is a strategic consulting company specialized in defining business for national and international projects, as well as in integrated marketing communication plans, pre-legal consultancy, human resource development, sourcing and Procurement Services.

Whether you are a local or international business, Tortorella & Partners enables you to develop innovative and effective strategies through research and development, integrated marketing techniques, human resources assessment, technical management and supply chain management in order to achieve recognition and profitability. Tortorella & Partners follows a standardized process to deliver the best solutions in a cost-effective and timely manner.

    • Corporate valuation
    • Risk management
    • Company law and regulations
    • Risk Assessment

    • Pre Legal Advisory
    • Company incorporation
    • Trust management
    • Asset management
    • Family Advisory
    • Business management
    • Financial Analysis, reporting, plan
    • Bank negotiations and financial Advisory
    • Investments Strategy
    • Cash Flow Management
    • Tax management

      • Temporary Management
      • Recruitment
      • Executive Search
      • Communication
      • Training & Coaching

      • Sourcing and Procurement Services
      • (5L) Fifth-party Logistics

      • Technical consulting
      • Sale of Machinery and Equipment
      • Static Control Solutions